Aloo Baingan
Aloo Baingan

Aloo Baingan

Very Easy and Tasty: Aloo Baingan ki Sabzi

Both aloo and baingan are readily available and they are quite popular vegetables. You will love the combination as this sabzi is really a perfect combination as such. So, try this egg plant and potato curry with rice or wheat chapatti and see how you can get the best solutions as such. Often we have a question that what foods to prepare. Well this typical north Indian recipe is just so tasty that you would love to make it again and again.

The Popularity Of Aloo Baingan ki Sabzi

This is a dry sabzi and it can actually gel up well with many items. Like, it can go well with plain chawal or even chapatti or bread. It is really quite boring to make simple meals. If you add some twist to the daily meals then it will really be a good thing for you. Even in tiffin carrying this dry sabzi with chapatti will be a great option.

Taste And Flavour of Aloo Baingan ki Sabzi

Aloo baingan is a perfect combination as egg plan has an overly taste and at the same time potatoes are bland. So, you will see that this combination can really make you feel awesome. You can add simple masalas in this. If you wish then you can even add ginger garlic paste to the same. So, what kind of taste you have been looking for depends entirely upon you.

The Specialty Of Aloo Baingan

Having tasty aloo baingan would be a wonderful option if you have any guests at home. This is because the taste that it serves, is really awesome, It is just that we don’t use this recipe too much. But actually egg plant is very good for health. So, you should try your level best to add these food items in your daily food list. If you like aloo baingan then you will stay healthy as this dish is really nutritious and tasty.

Serving And Presentation Of Aloo Baingan

It is basically a challenge that what kind of foods suits the tiffin box. Well, ideally having tasty meals in tiffin can really help. You should take one baingan and then go as per the recipe. Making a combination will really be a very good idea. Now, the question is how to process the baingan and what masala to add. These are quite tricky things and if you get access to them pretty well then it will help you for sure.

How To Prepare Aloo Baingan?

You should first finalize that how many people are there for the meal. So, depending upon that you can decide that what you wish to do. Aloo baingan is quite easy and healthy as such. It is vital that you learn the same as per the recipe and make this at home. Even though this is dhaba styled recipe what will make a difference is that it is homemade and so you will stay healthy and fit.

Aloo Baingan

Aloo Baingan for perfect taste

If you are looking forward to make a perfect Aloo Baingan then you can go through a good recipe and once you know how to make there is nothing complicated in this. Make this tasty and healthy recipe at home and see how your family members would just kiss your hand and ask you how you made such great thing!


  • One large baingan
  • 3 potatoes
  • Cooking oil
  • Salt as per taste
  • Red chilli powder
  • Garam masala

How to make

  1. If you are looking forward for an interesting sabzi then all you have to do is take the diced potatoes first. Now, put the same with cumins in cooking oil.

  2. Once the potatoes get bit heated you should add some water and then cover the lid. Let the potatoes become bit soft. 

  3. Once that is done you can add diced egg plant. Again cover the lid.

  4. Now, once you are done with these things you will have to add red chilli powder, garam masala powder, turmeric etc.

  5. Now, just let the sabzi become bit dry.

  6. You should serve this hot.

  7. Garnish this with finely chopped coriander.


Making aloo baingan is no big deal. But what matters the most is that you should be able to get a good recipe that you can make whenever you wish.

Often you may think what to carry along with chapatti for the tiffin. Such dry recipes will really make good amount of difference!

Nutritional Value Of Aloo Baingan
  1. Fat 8.8g
  2. Carbs 12g
  3. Protein 9g
  4. Sugars 2 g
  5. Sodium 221 mg

Making healthy food items in the home is really a good way of making the entire family very happy. If you just do things for yourself then you will not like it at some point in time. So, just be clear about what you wish to have and then that will make good amount of difference. Try the best options as such and that will really give you a perfect feel. Tasty and healthy aloo baingan can be made at different times as per your wish. It is dry sabzi and so you can carry the same well. If you feel that you are actually on the busy side then too making this would be pretty simple. There are very few ingredients as required. Also, this is easy to make and easy to keep. The basic masalas are used and so when you are making these sabzi you should always be clear about how many people are going to eat so that you don’t get much lagging behind. Eating homemade food is always a better deal. So, just enjoy your meal well and understand what would give you a perfect means to have this. You can serve this hot with chapatti or rice. Just make sure that you don’t overcook the sabzi.

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