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Get Taste of Amazing Aloo Pakora for Tasty Treat

Mouth watering foods always tempt you and that is the reason why when someone talks about aloo pakora you may not be able to resist. So, all you can do is find something that can really make a perfect platter as such. If you are looking forward for a lip smacking tasty item then just stay sure that you get access to a perfect recipe for aloo pakora. This will really make you feel awesome.

The Popularity Of Aloo Pakora

Having yummy aloo pakora can really give you a perfect feel. In fact, when its monsoon you will need something like this as there would be hunger pangs every now and then. So, learn to make perfect bhajiya dish and see how pakoras can make you feel awesome. Making pakoras is not at all tough. It is just that you would want to make them perfect and so following one recipe would be good.

Taste And Flavour of Aloo Pakora

Aloo pakora is basically aloo slice marinated with besan batter. Some people like lasuni aloo and for them applying lasun chatni would be a good treat. But simple aloo pakora also tastes very good. Basically, the recipe is very simple. If you follow the same then you will surely be able to make very good and tasty aloo pakoras.

The Specialty Of Aloo Pakora

This is something you may eat all alone. If you wish then you can even have this with dal and rice. So, this is an amazing thing that many people thrive on. You cannot say that this item is for gujarati or marwadi or maharashtrian. Almost everyone would love to have these things. Aloo pakora is a special dish that one can have during monsoon and even when there is chilled climate. The pakoras should be hot and fresh. This is the precondition before you wish to make and eat pakoras.

Serving And Presentation Of Aloo Pakoras

Aloo pakoras are quite tempting in looks. They are served with chutney and ketchup. Also, you should serve them hot. Aloo pakoras are quite old and even your grand moms might be making the same since their times. So, there is nothing novel as such. But still, it is people’s favourite. Many people prefer the road side pakoras. But making homemade pakoras would have its own special feeling. Potatoes are such versatile that you will love to make amazing recipes out of the same. Aloo pakora is one of them.

How To Prepare Aloo Pakora?

Making aloo pakora is such an easy thing. If you have access to basic frying skills then you can do is. But the oil is supposed to be very hot and so frying is something you should be able to handle. So, in order to save time you should bring the potatoes one day in advance. Wash them thoroughly and then make thin slices out of the same. Now, you will have to make the batter out of besan. Mind well that thin slices would really make the pakoras crispier.

Aloo Pakora

Very Tasty Aloo Pakora

It is important to note that aloo pakora would be bit high in calories. But if you eat the homemade version then once in while you will love the same. So, just keep up with the basic notes as to what you will be doing. You should take potatoes as per the people eating pakoras. One potato can make decent 10 thin and crispy pakoras.


  • 4 medium sized potatoes
  • Slicer or knife to slice the potatoes
  • Besan or chana atta
  • Salt as per taste
  • Oil for frying
  • Red chilli powder
  • Cumins

How to make

  1. You should wash the potatoes and then peel them first. Now, you should make slices out of the same. 

  2. You should make thin slices and leave

  3. Now, you will have to make the batter ready. So, take half bowl of chana atta and then put required quantities of water in that. Now, add salt, cumins and chilli powder to the same and your batter is ready.

  4. Let the cooking oil get heated in one place and now, you should put the potato slice in the batter and then dunk the same in hot oil.

  5. This way in one time you can put 7-10 pakoras depending upon the size of the vessel.

  6. After you fry the same you can sprinkle bit of chaat masala on the same.

  7. Serve these pakora with spicy green chutney.


Pakoras are quite easy to make. But when frying you should be careful. This is a recipe that kids as well as adults would love. So, make sure that you just make perfect one based on the available recipe.

Depending upon the taste and flavor you like you can add green mint chutney or garlic chutney over the potato slice and then put it in batter and then fry.

Nutritional Value Of Aloo Pakora
  1. Fat 15g
  2. Carbs 21g
  3. Protein 9g
  4. Sugars 5g
  5. Sodium 351 mg

Making amazing pakoras is not at all tough. It is just that you should be able to make the crispy version of the same. The consistency of the batter should be good enough and so this will be perfect option for you. Just enjoy your meal pretty well so that you get a better feeling. Often when we get hunger pangs we get irritated. So, just stay sure that you find the right solutions as such. Eat stuffs at home and you will see that there would hardly be any problem as such. So, make sure that you have access to a perfect recipe that can really enhance the taste. Everyday same dal chawal would be boring. You need to really make yummy foods at home. This would impress the entire family and you will feel great.

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