Aloo Palak Ki Sabji
Aloo Palak

Aloo Palak Ki Sabji

An Unforgettable Taste: Aloo Palak

Cooking vegetables without adding potatoes on it is simply nothing to impress like item. The aloo palak has the consistency of palak paneer. This recipe is widely known and famous in all over Asia. Spinach is the key ingredient of aloo palak as the entire dish is covered with full of spinach. Spinach is a healthy vegetable, benefits people in many ways. The recipe is mostly served with chapatti, puri, and parathas in addition to chutney or pickle. It is a curry recipe and absolutely looks stunning with its gravy version. Some people prefer curry Aloo palak while other cooks it dry and snobby.

The Popularity of Aloo Palak

The recipe is famous in all over Asia and there’s no doubt in it. The dish is as simple as it looks with very mere ingredients and can be eaten with both rice and chapatis. Spinach or palak is healthy food and it can also be experimented into many varieties. The combination of two veggies, aloo and palak give a delicious gravy. This recipe is quite convenient and preferable for roti lovers. Many people love to add paneer or baby corn in the dish as it gives an outstanding taste and smells too delicious.

Taste And Flavour Of Aloo Palak

Aloo Palak is a quick homemade recipe made in a homely style, dry potato spinach adds an extra taste into the recipe. In some parts of the country, people prefer adding paneer which not only looks stunning but also tastes delicious. Paneer is healthy food and thus people prefer adding paneer into their everyday meal especially with aloo palak. Aloo palak can be a good combination to pooris, naan, chapatis. The gravy of the aloo palak is simply mouthwatering.

The Specialty of Aloo Palak

Aloo palak is appreciated by everyone, not because it is delicious and zesty but also it is too healthy with ample of benefits. Potatoes are a bit bland so they can be added into anything according to one’s convenience. Aloo palak is a healthy yet light dish and can be eaten anytime. This dish is a friend of kids as this is the perfect lunch solution for the school going children. It is very easy and simple to prepare it, very few ingredients are required.

Serving And Presentation Of Aloo Palak

Serving aloo palak is not that difficult if one knows the perfect way of serving and presentation. Since aloo palak is a gravy dish it is best to serve it with chapati with some chutney just to make it zestier. Many people love the sour dish and mostly add Chillies into their everyday meal so adding Chillies in aloo palak is not a bad idea at all. Again fresh onions have a great role to play in this dish as adding onions to the recipe is the perfect solution to make aloo palak more delicious.

How To Prepare Aloo Palak

Preparing aloo palak is quite simple, not a big task. One just needs to follow the step by step instructions to make the dish. Fresh sliced potatoes and fresh green spinach are required along with green Chillies. One can add paneer or baby corn according to their taste and convenience to make the dish more delicious. Turmeric, Chilli powder, cloves, salt, ginger and garlic paste needs to add up together. Then comes the onions, two -three onions chopped fry them in the oil until becomes golden brown. After this fry the potatoes for five-six minutes and then add spinach, paneer or baby corn in it. Cover the recipe till the gravy comes out.

Aloo Palak

For Yummy Taste Aloo Palak

Potatoes are indeed a food which no one can simply escape from. Aloo palak is appreciated by most of the vegetarians. It is the best dish to have with rotis and chapatis. Sometimes we find nothing delicious to eat with rotis and chapatis then aloo palak stuck into every mind. This quick and easy recipe is a perfect solution for roti lovers.


  • Fresh Chopped Spinach
  • Potatoes cut into slices
  • Fresh Chopped onions
  • Green Chillies
  • Ginger and garlic paste
  • Salt
  • Turmeric, Chilli, cinnamon powder
  • Refine oil

How to make

  1. Heat oil in a frying pan after that add garlic paste and green Chillies. 

  2. Stir it for one or two minutes then add chopped onions, fry it until it becomes golden brown.

  3. Then fry the potatoes in the pan two-three minutes. 

  4. Pour 3 tbsps water and mix well. Cover it and cook until the potatoes are completely cooked but not mushy.

  5. Then sprinkle turmeric, salt and Chilli powder. One can add fresh paneer in the recipe if required according to their convenience. 

  6. To make the gravy thick add onion and tomato paste it will give a thick gravy to the dish.


This recipe is a favorite dish of many people. It is quite easy and takes less than 20 minutes to get ready. This rare combination of two vegetables gives an extravagant look and auspicious taste which leaves people licking their fingers. Nothing coming in mind as what to make in such a short time? Aloo palak has all to bring a smile on every face and chilling the mood. There are so many people around the continent who adds many new things like paneer, baby corn etc. to make the dish stunning and delicious.

Nutritional Value Of Aloo Palak

  1. Protein 2.5g - 5%
  2. Carbohydrate 13g -4%
  3. Fiber 3g -12%
  4. Fat 15.7g -24%

Potatoes add extra taste in a recipe thus, potatoes are quite essential for each and every cuisine. People all over the world experiences and enjoys the zesty potatoes. Aloo palak is indeed one of the best potato recipes. Aloo palak is a quick and easy recipe with various spices added to it. The combination of aloo and palak really makes the dish stunning and amazing. It tastes delicious, a mouthwatering dish which wins all hearts.

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