Indian Aloo Samosa
Aloo Samosa

Indian Aloo Samosa

Very Tempting and Tasty Aloo Samosa for your Tongue Twisters

Aloo samosas are quite tempting and you would want to have it for your evening snack or may be for a heavy brunch. But eating roadside food is not recommended because of health and hygiene matters. It is therefore vital that you figure out how to make aloo samosas at home so that you can rely on that for your taste and health.

The Popularity Of Aloo Samosa

Aloo samosas are tasty and you will see that they are popular among maharashtrians and Punjabis. However, almost everyone in India would love to thrive on this tasty food item. It is deep friend in general and is made of potatoes and in some cases potatoes and peas. There is a covering on the top made out of maida or all purpose flour.

Taste And Flavour of Aloo Samosa

Making tasty samosas is an art and so it would be a difficult thing. If you go through the good recipe step by step then perhaps you will learn how to make this amazing thing. So, the first thing that you must do is make the required arrangements. You should boil the potatoes and keep the dough ready. Now you will have to use the rolling pin and make a circle roti and then put the potato filling in it. Now you will have to handle the whole thing with utmost care. Have some time and patience to make the perfect samosas.

The Specialty Of Aloo Samosa

If you are able to make good samosas then you will surely remember the childhood days when you would buy the samosas from any local sweet shop. The taste would be authentic. So, when you go ahead with the recipe, you should be able to get such result.

Serving And Presentation Of Aloo Samosa

If you really wish to make good aloo samosas then you will have to work upon the dough. The dough should be such that the samosas should be all perfect. Also, the look and presentation should be quite tempting. You should put ginger chilli paste as per the spiciness that you may need.

How To Prepare Aloo Samosa?

Making aloo samosa would be a good way to show your guests that you have good culinary skills. In fact, this is much different art form and when you come to know that you have learnt the same, it would surely be a treat for lifetime. So, just get an idea about how to make hot and fresh samosas and get a perfect means to work on your skills.

Aloo Samosa

Nice Aloo Samosa for amazing taste

Making tasty aloo samosa would seem like a rocket science. But in reality, it is not so. You will get to know from the recipe that once you develop the skill and patience to work you will gain access to the knowledge of making good samosa. You will have to boil the aloo. Then peel off them and crush them. You should put ginger chilli paste, chat masala and amchur powder. This will give you taste of authentic samosas. If you are looking forward for a spicy treat then you will have to add more of garam masala powder.


  • 5 boiled potatoes
  • Green peas
  • Chillies
  • Ginger paste
  • Cumins
  • Dry mango powder
  • Chaat masala
  • Cooking oil

How to make

  1. Making aloo samosas is a task and so you will have to learn how to make the same. Just go through the same and learn how to make perfect samosas.

  2. First boil the potatoes and then remove the peel and crush the potatoes well. You should boil half cup green peas and then add it to potatoes. Keep this aside.

  3. Now you should opt for dough. Take maida 2 cups and add salt into the same. Put water bit less and make medium dough that can be easily rolled. 

  4. Make a small chapatti style small thing and then keep it aside.

  5. Now add dry mango powder, chillies, ginger chilli paste, chaat masala and salt into the potato and green peas.

  6. Mix everything well and your stuffing is ready.

  7. Now take the stuffing and put it on that rolled dough. 

  8. Now use your fingers to make perfect packing of this pastry.

  9. Now once that is done you can fry the samosas in hot oil.


The spiciness of the samosas will depend upon how much chillies you add.

You can make variations in the stuffing as in some people like paneer or cheese samosas. But making potato samosa is easier than anything.

Making homemade samosa is any day better than those available outside.

Some people feel that samosas can be baked in oven. But again you will have to brush them up with the oil and this may actually take as much oil as you deep fry. The real goodness of samosas is when they are deep fried and freshly made. So, just keep your mind open and make way for a perfect meal for your snacking time.

Nutritional Value Of Aloo Samosa
  1. Fat 17g
  2. Carbs 24 g
  3. Protein 3g
  4. Sugars 1.26 g
  5. Sodium 423 mg

When you are going to make samosas do not put yourself under the other commitments. This is because when you do that you will actually get things messed up. At one time you should be able to concentrate on one thing. So, make aloo samosas but with complete dedication. This is how you will gain access to a perfect means to make tasty samosas. Once you get access to this recipe and you follow the same there would be complete satisfaction in your mind that you learnt something really different and productive. So, without much thinking just go ahead and follow the recipe well. You will feel proud that you could make a lovely thing.

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