Badam Halwa | Almond Halwa

Badam Halwa | Almond Halwa

Tasty and Healthy Badam Halwa: the Royal Indian Sweet for Everyone

Badam or almonds are good source of protein and antioxidants. So, when you feel that you wish to take something healthy as a meal the badam halwa would suffice. It is quite heavy and can be a good way to greet the guests too. For toddlers this is very good source of nutrition. Mothers who feed badam halwa to kids would have sharp and intelligent kids. This is good for pregnant women too. So overall, this dish is for anyone and everyone.

The Popularity Of Badam Halwa

Badam halwa is a popular dish and it really gives you a perfect feel. You should try this at home first in smaller quantities. Just follow the step by step recipe and see how amazingly you will be able to land. Easy and tasty this will get ready in minutes and would be great to satisfy your hunger pangs. So, the next time when you feel like eating something sweet rather than checking out various chocolates you should try this nutritious recipe as it will keep you fuller for longer time.

Taste And Flavour of Badam Halwa

If you think that you wish to make a perfect recipe that is loaded with dry fruits then you can settle down for badam halwa. This has to be made in the specific way as in there is no need for milk or water. You should toast the badam paste in ghee and then add sugar directly. This will form a cube like solid and then you will have to check out the options in the same. The taste of badam is very rich and so if you have made up your mind in this regards just make sure that you have access to the best stuff.

The Specialty Of Badam Halwa

Looking forward to make a perfect recipe that is rich in nourishment and tasty we well? Badam halwa is one of them and can be tried at any time of the day. It is special because almonds has lot of positive qualities and when you can’t eat raw almonds making halwa out of the same would work well. This is sweet that has no impurities. Just almonds, sugar and ghee! So, it is truly special for everyone.

Serving And Presentation Of Badam Halwa

Badam halwa is quite tasty and so what matters the most is how you make it. When you have to add sugar in badam paste as being roasted in ghee you have to be quite careful. This is because when you are having a perfect hand at that there is no need to worry. But if there is any mistake then this will become quite hard. So, just make sure that you know how you need to work out on this.

When you are serving you can garnish this with badam and cashews. This will really look attractive and the nutritive value will increase for sure.

How To Prepare Badam Halwa?

Making yummy Badam halwa is quite simple if you follow the recipe. You will have to take the badam first and then soak them in water. Once that is done there should be peeling off. Now, since the soaked almonds are ready all you can do is just grind them and make fine paste. Now, this is your batter and you have to roast this in ghee. After the typical aroma comes you can add sugar to the taste and then again cook till the sugar melts. This halwa is special because it is something liked by people of all ages.

Badam Halwa

Badam Halwa for perfect taste

Planning to make this halwa? Well, you should soak the badam. This is the basic preparation that you may have to do prior. So, just stay ahead and find good quality almonds so that eating this would be fun. If you have been thinking that what recipe to create in order to give for tiffin then it would be vital to note that this one is really good and can be tried!

Prep Time 35 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 5 minutes
Servings 3
Calories 650 kcal


  • 20 badams soaked in water
  • Ghee for shallow frying the badam paste
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 3 cardamoms
  • Dry fruits

How to make

  1. When you are making any sweet you should always stay alert as this will help you in enhancing the overall experience of making sweets. The best thing that you should do is check out the recipe first and then go as per the same.

  2. So, you should first soak the almonds in water for 5 hours.

  3. Now peel off the almonds.

  4. You should then grind this and make paste out of the same.

  5. You should now take ghee in a pan and then roast this paste till it turns golden. When you start getting an aroma you should add sugar.

  6. Let the sugar get melted and then you will get a solid kind of consistency. Let it be like a cube or ladoo.


  • This would taste good when you keep it plain. If you wish to garnish then you can use other dry fruits as well.

  • If you want to add kaju powder to this then also it will taste good.

Nutritional Value Of Badam Halwa


  1. Fat 15g
  2. Carbs 46g
  3. Protein 15g
  4. Sugars 6g
  5. Sodium 217 mg

If you have made up your mind as in you will make tasty yummy recipes at home then badam halwa is worth trying. This is because it really is a good way to make your life better. You eat good stuff and you will feel better. Times have changed and so people should try and eat pure things to keep health better. So, have good hand at recipes as such and try them at home. Make tasty yummy recipes at home for kids and see how they will grow in a better way. Healthy homemade foods like badam halwa is always good as compared to any candies or chocolates.

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