Chicken Fry Piece Biryani

Chicken Fry Piece Biryani

Tasty and Delicious Chicken Fry Biryani for Meals

Biryani is a tasty meal and that will really make someone’s day for sure. So, if you are a lover of non vegetarian biryani then you will have to check out what do you like the most. There are many varieties in these too. But if you want to check out the lip smacking recipe then here’s the one for you. Chicken fry biryani is quite tasty and amazing. It is unique recipe that is a speciality in Andhra Pradesh. The benefit of this recipe is that you will not get into calories galore. This is because if you wish then you can always go ahead with the less oil version. If you make this biryani in a non stick pan then there will be better options. Also, in this stir fry chicken will be fine and there will not be any need to deep fry the same.

The Popularity Of Chicken Fry Biryani

Chicken fry biryani is a good and tasty meal that can be cooked at home. You should have access to a good recipe and then you can make this at your home. Thus, when you have this dish there is no need of any side dish. All you should have is just curd or korma to be served with this. Over all, it has many ingredients and so as a dish it is very heavy.

Taste And Flavour Of Chicken Fry Biryani

This flavourful tasty meal is basically from Andhra and it is quite spicy. However, you can have your own version as in if you like the less spicy one. There will be need to marinate the chicken and this will enhance the taste of the dish. This is a popular dish that can savor your soul. If you are looking for something that is quite filling then perhaps this dish will really give you a perfect feel.

The Specialty Of Chicken Fry Biryani

If you like to cook restaurant style meals then you should try the recipe of chicken fry biryani and it is too good. So, make sure that you have access to a perfect recipe that is easy to make and perfect in every way. It is true that this recipe takes some time. So, making it will be a challenge for you. However, you should make it as per the recipe and this will give you a perfect feel.

Serving And Presentation Of Chicken Fry Biryani

This biryani like any other biryani has a unique taste. Since this is loaded with chicken there will be fresh aroma of this. You should use the fresh spices that will make this dish even more charming. Tasty and healthy recipes should be created at home and in one way this will really give you a better idea. Chicken fry biryani is a tasty dish that can make you feel full and good. So, just have it either for your lunch or dinner. You can serve the same with boondi or pineapple raita.

How To Prepare Chicken Fry Biryani?

If you are an office goer then there would be a challenge in front of you when you have to make chicken fry biryani. This is because there are many ingredients present and you have to prepare for too many things. It is therefore advisable that when you are making this, just start with the preparations one day in advance. Like, get all the things on the previous day.

Chicken Fry Biryani

Classic and Yummy Chicken Fry Biryani

Chicken fry biryani is a tasty recipe and so you should try and make it at least once. In the start you may find it bit hard. But when you get access to the same and then once you have good hand at that you will realize that it is an easy thing. So, just get ready for a perfect venture of Biryani.


  • Salt as per taste
  • Chicken sauté in butter
  • Basmati Rice
  • Ginger garlic paste
  • Chillies
  • Gravy having tomato, onion and coriander
  • Chopped onions

How to make

  1. Making Chicken Fry Biryani is a treat because it is a very good recipe that is tasty and awesome. You will have to first boil the basmati rice and keep it aside. 

  2. When you are done with that you will have to make the chicken ready

  3. You should now make chicken and then stir fry the same. 

  4. Adding more veggies will actually help in making this biryani quite tasty and perfect.

  5. If you are looking for the best options as such then you can get ahead with some amazing well marinated gravy and this will really help.

  6.  Make this recipe amazing with fresh cream.


  • If you are looking for the best recipe then you will get the best options as such and that will really help. Just keep your mind open and see how you will garnish this dish well.
  • In order to make this recipe rich you can use dry fruits as well as fresh cream.

Nutritional Value Of Chicken Fry Biryani

  • Calories 698

  • Fat 2.9 g

  • Carbs 19 g

  • Protein 20 g

  • Sugars 0.4 g

  • Sodium 630 mg


So, this is an easy way to make your recipe perfect. You will just be amazed once you get a very good hand at this recipe. Try good recipes and make your homemade ideas work for you pretty well. Just make sure that you have access to good things in life. Having good homemade foods can give you a perfect feel. This is supposed to be a dish that is high in calories. So, make sure that you know how you need to take this thing perfect. This is quite well nourished recipe and that will help you to add health as well as good taste. So, make this perfect dish at home You will love it.

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