Egg Fry

Egg Fry

All you need to know about Egg Fry

A fried egg or egg fry is a popular recipe made from one or more eggs. The eggs are directly placed into a pan after breaking, taking care not to break the yolk. Fried egg, or sunny side up as it is mostly called, is a quick and easy breakfast recipe. Among a myriad of egg preparations, an egg fry seems to be the favourite of many. Besides being a popular dish in restaurant buffets where you can customize the preparation according to your preferences in terms of fat, additives and accompaniments, an egg fry is also a popular food for bachelors since it is easy to make and can be prepared in mere minutes.

Popularity of egg fry

An egg fry is traditional a breakfast dish in most countries but there is no reason why you cannot have it at other times during the day. It may be referred to as different names in different cultures, bull’s eye for an example. It is a common dish in India, Turkey, Indonesia and many German-speaking countries. It is referred to as ‘fried egg’ in the United Kingdom and the United States. It is commonly served in restaurants in India by the name “egg fry” or “half-fried eggs”
Many southern regions of India sell egg fry as a common street food and call it “bulls eye”. The bulls eye there is served with dosa, uttappam and along with appams. Dishes made with egg always have a special place in the heart of not just Indians but most people all across the globe. Indians love eggs too, especially because there are countless ways to prepare them. From a simple boiled egg, to scrambled, poached eggs and fried eggs. Then there are omelettes, egg curry and anda bhurji. And these are just to name a few, the tiny delicate white ovals can be incorporated in and with everything you are planning to eat.

Taste and flavor of egg fry

The eggs are fried on lowest possible heat ensuring a soft and firm egg white a d a beautifully runny egg yolk. Seasoned with a bit of cilantro and some salt and pepper, these eggs nearly invite you to dig into them while they are hot. The whites are crispy and well done on the edges and the center is bubbly, soft yet well cooked. The flavor can be modified by adding condiments, while some people may like it simple with only salt and pepper, there are many who would not mind experimenting by adding oregano, chilli and some other herbs.

Serving and presentation

Egg fry is served mostly on a toast of bread or in a sandwich along with bacon, some sausages and various other condiments. The beauty of this simple and delicious dish is that it can go along with many accompaniments and flavours. These are cooked without turning over to keep the yolk intact, but the chef may splash a bit of olive oil or butter to make the egg white cook well and for the dish to taste even better. Some cilantro can be sprinkled along with salt and white pepper to make the dish stand out.

Making of fried egg

Being such a breeze to make, an egg fry can be enjoyed as a quick morning breakfast topped with anything under the sun before you head out for an important meeting. The dish is literally a snap to prepare and can be enjoyed as a delicious breakfast, lunch or a rustic dinner option.


Egg Fry

Fried Egg in No Time

Fried eggs are a delight for office-goers. The sole reason for that is how quickly it gets cooked. No matter how many dishes you try to cooking while you have to hurry for your office as well, nothing can match the swiftness of this recipe. It is one such dish that will give fantastic times for your taste buds without wasting much of your time. Thus, if you want to cook something delicious within a limited timeframe then check this recipe out. 


  • Eggs – 1 or two
  • Butter – 1 tablespoon
  • Salt and pepper – to taste

How to make

  1. Heat butter in a heavy-based non-stick frying pan over low heat. Once you see that the butter has melted, swirl the pan to let the butter coat base of the pan well. 

  2. Break open the egg in a saucer. This makes it easier to slide. Slide in the eggs carefully, making sure not to crowd the pan too much. 

  3. Cover the pan with a slightly smaller lid if possible and leave for about 3 minutes. 

  4. Check if the white of egg has cooked, lift out with a broad spatula, season with salt and pepper and serve immediately on a hot toast. 


Nutritional value - One egg fried in butter:

Total Calories – 94
Carbohydrates –0
Protein -6 gms
Fat – 7 gms
Saturated fats – 3gms
Cholesterol - 188 mg

Some important things to remember

  • For best-looking egg fry, use fresh and large eggs. The perfect egg would be a compact oval with a thick egg white and a high centered egg yolk inside.
  • The eggs taste best when cooked in butter, but you can also choose to cook them in olive oil or any other fat of your choice.
  • To get a neat shape, break the eggs into a saucer first and slide into the pan rather than breaking the egg directly on to the frying pan.
  • When cooking egg fry, heat matters a lot. A very high temperature will make the eggs rubbery and tough. So, always cook eggs on the lowest heat possible. This also ensures that nutrients are preserved and eggs are cooked evenly.
  • Fried eggs are a protein-rich dish ideal for pregnant and lactating moms, people who work out a lot and even those who are looking forward to losing weight.


Egg fry is the comfort food for all generations, especially bachelors and youth. To enjoy it to the fullest, follow the given recipe that will help you prepare traditional egg fry.

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