Ham Bone Soup

Ham Bone Soup

Ham Bone Soup Made Easy

If you love ham bone soup then you should try making it at home. This is because restaurant food will not be as reliable as you make at home. So, just make sure that you have a perfect recipe for the same. Ham bone soup if made nicely then it can give you good taste. It is healthy and tasty soup for everyone in your family. In fact, this recipe can give your family a good impression about your culinary skills.

The Popularity Of Ham Bone Soup

If you love to have ham bone soup then you should have all the ingredients along and that will surely help. Ham bone soup is popular in Asia as well as America. People understand that soups can help one in keeping warm during winters. In fact, soups are popular because they enhance the immune system as well. Keeping all these things in mind the popularity of ham bone soup has spread almost everywhere.

Taste And Flavour Of Ham Bone Soup

The taste and flavour of ham bone soup are quite amazing. The ham needs good time to simmer on the slow cooker and then that will help to spread the aroma almost everywhere within the home. This would make your taste buds come up with water and of course, the family would get curious to have such tasty meal. However, some people believe that ham bone soup should simmer on heat for hours. But it is not so. These days’ people do not have that much of time. So, the recipe of quick ham bone soup should be followed.

The Specialty Of Ham Bone Soup

You can make ham bone soup whenever you want. But the point is, when you have some celebration at home, at that time this would suit the day. Often people make this for Christmas meals. Right seasonings and taste would make this soup awesome. You should go through the recipe of the soup and finally that will help you in creating a perfect dish. Ham bone soup is special because it is loaded with nutrients and provides amazing feel.

Serving And Presentation Of Ham Bone Soup

The preparation time of ham bone soup is just 30 minutes. But it takes time for the ham to correctly blend with the soup. So, many people would go for 3-4 hours for heating. But rather you should keep pre cooked ham and then the final making time will reduce to 30 minutes. This dish can be served with garlic bread or egg omelette. In itself also it is a meal and so no need to make any extra dishes.

How To Prepare Ham Bone Soup

Ham bone soup is quite quick if you have ham ready. So, you should cook ham a day in advance. If you wish to make this soup in the evening then you can cook ham in the morning. You should get the relevant vegetables for the same and then chop them as per the recipe.

Ham Bone Soup

Classic Ham Bone Soup

Ham bone soup is nutritious soup that has veggies and chicken broth too. It is therefore quite nutritious and filling. If you have it in your meal then you may not even feel like eating anything else. It has unique aroma and a perfect blend. For cold winters, this can be a best friend to keep you warm. Make such tasty and healthy soups at home and see how you will feel great.


  • Pieces of ham
  • Peeled and chopped onions
  • Chicken broth
  • Crushed garlic
  • Tomatoes diced
  • Thyme
  • Salt as per taste
  • 1/2 tsp. black peppercorn powder
  • 1 tbsp. Oil
  • 1 ham bone

How to make

  1. If you have to cook ham, then it will take more time. If you have left over ham or if you precook the same then it will make your task simple.

  2. You should take one ham bone, onion, garlic, tomatoes and other veggies if you want, in the slow cooker. 

  3. If you wish you can even put salt, pepper and seasonings in this.

  4. Now, let the cooking take place slowly. Around 30 minutes it should take to cook all these things. Once you get this blend ready, you can put pieces of ham in this.

  5. You can put more seasonings and that will really help in enhancing the taste of the soup.

  6. Putting celery and parsley over this dish will enhance the aroma.

  7. Above all, you should put dried thyme which will give you the feel of the dish. The aromatic dish is so good that you will just love it’s taste and smell.


  • Some people would like pure ham bone soup and so they might not like the ham pieces. But if you like to put the ham pieces then you should precook the same a day in advance to save time.
  • Also, if the ham bone is missing then you can go ahead with ham hock. Ham hock is easily available at almost all the grocery stores.
  • Try the best brands for the herbs as that would make the dish smell good.

Nutritional Value Of Ham Bone Soup

  1. Calories 175
  2. Fat 2 g
  3. Carbs 31.8 g
  4. Protein 9 g
  5. Sugars 4.5 g
  6. Sodium 700 mg


So, an aromatic dish with tomatoes and lot of other veggies can make you feel awesome. It is healthy dish and can give you a perfect feel. Recipes that are good in taste can actually make you feel great and that would be healthy for you as well. So, people prefer homemade foods that can give you a better feel. Try this ham bone soup at home which would taste like the restaurant and can give you a perfect chance to maintain the right feel. People who love foods are truly those who would want to make such amazing things at home.

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