Ham Burger Soup

Ham Burger Soup

Simple and Easy Ham Burger Soup Loaded

Most of the people who do not have time love single pot meal. Ham burger soup is one such recipe that can help you get a perfect feel. This is a soup and a kind of one put meal too. So, you will feel that you have had a good chunk of food and now you don’t want to have anything else then this soup option is really good enough. This soup is quick to make and so it doesn’t take away too much of your time. He other reason why it is easy to make is because it is easy on the pockets as well.

The Popularity Of Ham Burger Soup

This soup is not quite new and not quite old. It just originated out of need. If you make this soup along with just a salad or sandwich then it will become your complete meal. This recipe is loaded with many ingredients and so it would make your tummy filled quickly. You will see that when you have this soup your hunger pangs will come to an end.

Taste And Flavour Of Ham Burger Soup

This soup is filling and classy. It can be satisfying and is quite healthy. The way every ingredient is used in this, the soup can surely be a better choice to be had in this manner. You should go ahead with the recipe and get the ingredients as per the same. This will help to add and enhance the taste of the dish. This soup is also termed as poor man’s soup. But over all, it is healthy ad can help you in satisfying the taste buds.

The Specialty Of Ham Burger Soup

Hamburger soup is special because it is hearty and has tangy tomatoes as the most important thing in this. Apart from that you can add beef, veggies or the vegetable broth or may be anything else that is available. This soup is budget friendly and helps almost in completing the extra things that are available. The soup is easy and quick in making. Do not forget bit of onion and garlic while the cooking starts. This is because it can help you for sure in enhancing the taste.

Serving And Presentation Of Ham Burger Soup

If you want to make the presentation better then use as much of colourful vegetables! This will enhance the taste and nourishment level of the dish. If you really want to make it quick then you will have to use the frozen veggies as available ready. This will make the soup making task even easier and there would be no chopping at all.

How To Prepare Ham Burger Soup

If you are going to make ham burger soup then you will have to get ready with all the items that may be needed. You should get the vegetables chopped. If you are going to use the ready veggies then get them from the store. There are not too many preparations needed for this soup. This is because, it is quick enough and can offer you better options as such. You can decide as to what side dish you wish to create along.

Ham Burger Soup

Classic Ham Burger Soup Recipe

Ham burger soup is easy to make. If you feel that the soup is quite alone and there is need for one more comrade then you can check out for a few salad dishes that will go well with the item. Soups are meant to give you better and fuller feel. So, with this classic ham burger soup recipe you can get a perfect feel. Making this soup can be a good idea if you have visitors at home. Bringing from restaurant would not be so exciting. Making this soup at home can be a very good idea. If you are doing it for the first time then make a small portion. Once you gain confidence that you can make very tasty and healthy soup you can make in a bigger portion. Likewise, you are experimenting and so even if something goes wrong you are not wasting too much of food. Likewise, you will have to check out what to put inside the soup for fun and 


  • Half cup onion
  • 2 tbsp crushed garlic
  • 2 medium potatoes
  • 2 medium tomatoes
  • 1 can condensed tomato soup
  • Salt, pepper and Italian seasonings
  • Mixed veggies

How to make

  1. The first thing you must do is get tomato broth. You should take 3 to 4 tomatoes and then make puree out of the same. But before you make the puree you must cook those tomatoes.

  2. Now, you will have to take different vegetables as that will help you in enhancing the taste of the dish. Just take some oil and then sauté garlic and onion in the same. Now you should sauté mix veggies into this.

  3. Now, add tomato broth in that mixture.

  4. You should add pepper, salt and seasonings as per the need.

  5. If needed, you can add pieces of beef in this. But make sure that the beef that you use in this are quite soft and tender.

  6. Let the soup heat for a while and then you should stir continuously.

  7. If you like the soft and light consistency then this recipe will be perfect for you.

  8. But if you wish to add veggies and beef to the same then you can do that.


  • If you want to keep it non-vegetarian then you can add pieces of beef to this recipe.
  • However, make sure that beef is tender and can get cooked easily.

Nutritional Value Of Ham Burger Soup

  1. Calories 245
  2. Fat 9 g
  3. Carbs 25 g
  4. Protein 10 g
  5. Sugars 4 g
  6. Sodium 692 mg


Here’s very tasty and healthy ham burger soup that can make you feel awesome. Making such soups at home cn=an really make a major difference in your life. Just understand the basics and then you can surely enhance the culinary skills.

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