Kale Soup

Kale Soup

How is Kale Soup Made?

If you are a vegetarian then there are very few options and this is what people feel. But when you come down to the research mode you will realize that there are many items that can be prepared. The same holds true for the soups as well. Have you heard of Kale Soup? It is a good recipe and can make you feel fuller after you have that. Tasty and healthy, kale is an important vegetable and should be included in your meals. If you don’t like kale curry then kale soup would turn out to be a good option.

The Popularity Of Kale Soup

It is believed that kale soup originated years back in Portugal. But people all over the world have adopted this vegetable so that the items that you make for meals can be made bit healthier. So, make sure that you know how to correctly use kale in your diet. There are many countries that have the trend of making soups before or along with dinner. So, Kale soup is one such item. You can make it for enhancing the meal and making the nourishment levels high.

Taste And Flavour Of Kale Soup

The warm kale soup can be a good comrade for those who love to have soups during warm chilled winters. It is something that can make your taste buds quite happy. Easy to make, this soup is flavourful and tasty. It has the potential to nourish the body and at the same time the preparation time is less. You will have to get kale a day in advance. Just wash it and then it is ready to use. The ingredients that you use can enhance the taste of the soup. For those who love to vouch on soups for weight loss, a punch of herbs should be added.

The Specialty Of Kale Soup

In some places kale is not easily available. But these days’ super markets have almost all the options and so all you can do is order kale online. Once you get you should check out the recipe. Making kale soup is quite easy and if you get a good hand in making the same then you can make it almost once every week. The specialty of kale soup is that it will help you make your dinner perfect and well nourished. You can seek calcium, iron and lots of other nutrients and minerals from this. This soup is versatile and so you can add tomatoes as well as potatoes or just go by the recipe.

Serving And Presentation Of Kale Soup

Kale soup itself looks very attractive. The lush green color can bring water in your mouth. You can serve this in mugs or may be in soup bowls. Take time to enjoy this soup and drink it with peace. You will just love the way you get nutrients in your body. This is an easy recipe for the working people as kale soup gets ready very quickly without much preparation.

How To Prepare Kale Soup

Making kale soup is extremely simple. You can use the vegetables like beans, potatoes and tomatoes in it. It can make your soup taste very yummy. There are some vegetables you will have to fine chop and a few you will have to just dice. Just make sure that you have all the ingredients in your home. This will make your task pretty simple.


Kale Soup

Classic and Yummy Kale Soup

If you wish to enhance the taste with punch of herbs then dried parsley and Italian seasoning over kale soup will give it mind blowing taste. So, just try and sprinkle a bit and then see how you feel. Making classy soup from a bunch of kale can be quite interesting and when you have a good recipe to follow, you will enjoy making it.


  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • One spoon chopped garlic
  • Dried parsley
  • Italian seasoning
  • Kale bunch
  • Diced potatoes 2 medium
  • Diced tomatoes 2 medium
  • Salt and pepper

How to make

  1. Par boil the tomatoes and make puree out of the same.

  2. Dice the potatoes and boil them and keep aside.

  3. Take oil and put garlic and onion in it. Just sauté them till they are tender. 

  4. Once the flavourful aroma comes you should put washed kale leaves in that.

  5. Put two cups of water in that and let kale boil in that water.

  6. After you are done with that you should put the tomato puree and diced potatoes in the kale mixture.

  7. Now put salt and pepper as per the taste

  8. If you like dried parsley then you can garnish the soup with that. Italian seasonings also taste very well with this.

  9. Yummy soup is ready within minutes. This soup is quite healthy and gives you lot of nourishment in your body. So, enjoy the soup in cool weathers and make your body warm and cozy.


  • Some people prefer blanching kale leaves just like for spinach. So, that is also a good idea. But putting chopped kale leaves in oil would cook the kale quickly and this will not affect the color of the kale. So, you can decide how you wish to go ahead with.
  • The dark green color of kale is good. But if you feel that the soup is too dark then you can make the color mild with milk.

Nutritional Value Of Kale Soup

  • Calories 277
  • Fat 4.5 g
  • Carbs 50.9 g
  • Protein 9.6 g
  • Sodium 372 mg


So, here’s a tasty recipe for you on kale soup. It is healthy as well as tasty. Some people feel that kale is just a super food and meant for health freaks. But it is important to note that it is good in taste as well. You should follow a good recipe and there you get a perfect idea about how to make it.

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