Muslim Biryani

Muslim Biryani

Yummy Muslim Biryani for Dinner Treat

Tasty dinner recipes are something we would want to look out for. Biryani is one such recipe that you can try for sure. If you are looking for authentic Muslim Biryani then here’s the recipe. Muslims are quite expert in making this biryani and so keeping this in mind you will be able to enjoy their functions. Making this rice dish is a good way to show up that you really have good taste for foods.

The Popularity Of Muslim Biryani

If you are looking for the best taste in biryani then muslim biryani is the one you should opt for. This recipe is quite popular and is filled with lot of ingredients for taste and nourishment. There is prominent taste of ginger, garlic and chilli in this and there would be grounded spices and flavours. This is what makes this dish ultra special.

Taste And Flavour of Muslim Biryani

The basic taste of this biryani is medium. So, this biryani is flavourful and filled with lots of aromatic spices that can make this dish taste great. There are fresh as well as dry spices that are used in this Biryani to make it tasty and healthy. Of course, there is more ghee and oil used in this. But the point is that when you use basmati rice it will look rich and royal.

The Specialty Of Muslim Biryani

If you are a fan of biryani then you should try the special one and that is Muslim biryani. It has to be served hot and is quite amazing in its make. But one should gain expertise in these things and then later make it. If you are following the recipe as it is then there will not be any issue as such. It is a very tasty dish and has significance on the days when there is some special event.

Serving And Presentation Of Muslim Biryani

If you are supposed to make flavourful biryani then you should settle down for simple meat biryani. So, you should first cook ardent rice and then also cook mutton in one place. You can use the other veggies if you wish to. It would be good if you serve biryani with raita or korma.

How To Prepare Muslim Biryani?

Making muslim biryani is easy. All you should do is first gt ready with the relevant ingredients. You will need cooked mutton, boiled rice, vegetables like peas, beans etc. Apart from that you should also be ready with the masala and spices. So, keeping all these things in mind you should be ready with the stuff.

You should be ready with the grounded fresh spices like cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, pepper etc. Also, there should be ginger garlic paste.

Muslim Biryani

Tasty and Hot Muslim Biryani

Making homemade biryani would have good benefits because you can have the feast of homemade stuff. In fact, everyone in your family will be able to enjoy the food. Enjoying the food at home would be a good way of making healthy and tasty food be part of the life.


  • Required quantity of meat or mutton
  • Required quantity of rice
  • 2 medium Tomatoes diced
  • 2 onions diced
  • Salt as per taste
  • 1 tbsp cooking oil
  • 2 tbsp. finely chopped garlic
  • 2 tbsp. finely chopped ginger
  • Birasto if needed
  • Veggies as per need and taste

How to make

  1. When you want to cook this biryani all you must do is take some oil and then sauté onion and ginger garlic paste in oil. Once that is done, in one pan you should also keep cooked meat. 

  2. In one pan you will have to keep birasto and the marinated veggies ready. 

  3. Now, you should make layers of the gravy and rice and then veggies and again repeat the same. Meat and mutton is as per you and if you want then you can go ahead with that.

  4. You should use all khada masala in this type of biryani.

  5. With this you will see that the biryani is ready. All you must do is keep the vegetables and other things ready a day in advance. When you do that you will be in the position to get the relevant solution.

  6. Make tasty and healthy recipes and dishes at home and see how that will help you for sure. Make note of tasty recipes that you can make at home.


  • Make tasty and healthy biryani at home and when you are making the special kind of biryani then you should know that it will need some specific ingredients for sure.

  • This is one pot meal and should be served very hot.

  • If you are making biryani then you will have to check out all the ingredients in the same and that whether you have the stock of the same or not. Try and keep everything with you a day in advance.

  • Muslim Biryani is usually made in the special events and occasions. So, just keep this in mind and see how you can create a perfect thing.

Nutritional Value Of Taco Soup

  • Calories 992
  • Fat 9.4g
  • Carbs 31 g
  • Protein 20g
  • Sugars 3.26 g
  • Sodium 419 mg

If you are prepared to make Biryani then you should make this one with Muslim style and that is really something you should watch out for. It is a good option for day as well as night. Whether lunch or dinner, tasty biryani made in Muslim style can really make everyone in the family feel impressed. Good meals never go unnoticed. So, just be open to good things and see how you can make a perfect meal. Biryani is a complete meal and so just keep an eye on things that are really going to give you a perfect feel. Have tasty biryani and see how you can get the relevant solutions.

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