Bread Potato Sandwich
Potato Sandwich

Bread Potato Sandwich

Tasty and Yummy Potato Sandwich on your Platter

Potato is universal food and it tastes great with almost every meal. So, making tasty dishes out of potato is quite simple. All you need to do is just figure out what options would work well. If you are going to make potato sandwich then it is going to be an easy task. You will need potatoes, required spices and bread and butter. Often, we feel that what should we give in tiffin? Well, such quick and tasty meals are always handy and they work for sure.

The Popularity Of Potato Sandwich

Often we are quite under stress as to what things to make for a quick meal. Well, don’t think much. Sandwiches taste too good. So, you need to open your mind and consider some creative varieties in sandwiches. If you don’t wish to think much then merely making potato sandwich will work wonders. It is true that this would be a heavy meal because both bread and potatoes are loaded with carbs. But it is important to note that you can have such food sometimes.

Taste And Flavour of Potato Sandwich

Tasty sandwiches can really give you a perfect feel. Like, when you eat such yummy things in your breakfast or just dinner then it would be filling. You need boiled potatoes and bread. You can add flavours using the dry spices or ginger garlic paste and so on. You can go through the recipe and if you go as per the measurements then it will be a good deal for you. Making tasty sandwiches for the entire family will give you a perfect feel. So, just open up a bit and see if you can find the right way of making the same. It is just that when you have too many people then you will need too much of stuffing and many bread slices. So this will be a long affair and will take more time for sure.

The Specialty Of Potato Sandwich

This is something you might have heard years before as well. There is nothing much novel in potato sandwich. All you can do is just figure out what kind of stuffing do you need. If you want stuffing that is spicy then you can go on with that. If you are looking for the bland option then you can have white stuffing.

Serving And Presentation Of Potato Sandwich

You can be quite creative in this if you want. Once you have done all the relevant preparations then you should go ahead with the amazing and tasty potato sandwich. Just boil the potatoes and when they are cool you can remove the peel. Now you should smash the same and add spices as needed. Now, after you have added the spices your stuffing is ready. Now, just fill the stuffing between two breads and if you wish you can even add butter and chutney to the breads. If your stuffing is spicy then you don’t need anything much. Sandwich is a versatile thing and so when you need to make any fancy decorations you can do so. Like, you can add chips over the sandwich or decorate the sandwich with salad around and so on.

How To Prepare Potato Sandwich?

You need to figure out how many people are there for the meal. Depending on that you will have to keep the stuffing ready. So, first boil 8-10 potatoes and then peel them and smash them. The entire game depends upon the stuffing. If it is tasty then your sandwich will really be a super hit. So, follow the step by step instructions when you are making potato sandwich stuffing.

Potato Sandwich

Potato Sandwich for yummy taste

People have become quite busy in their daily lives and so what matters the most is what they like to cook. Well, potato sandwich is such an easy thing that once you know the recipe you can easily make it. It is all about the right spices and flavor. If you can do that you will be able to get the right option. Potatoes are versatile and so almost every little thing can make a difference when added to the same.


  • 8 boiled potatoes, peeled and smashed
  • Bread slices
  • Butter
  • Green chillies
  • Turmeric
  • Salt
  • Garam masala
  • Cumins

How to make

  1. You should have boiled potatoes along and then you must peel them and smash the same.

  2. Now, you should put some cooking oil in a small cup and then add cumins to the same.

  3. Add green chillies and garam masala.

  4. Now, your stuffing is to be mixed really well.

  5. You should now take two slices of bread and then apply butter to the same. 

  6. Put the stuffing between two breads.

  7. You can use the hand toaster or the grilled sandwich machine to make these sandwiches.

  8. It will really taste very good.

  9. You can serve the sandwich with chutney and other things as in 


  • Sandwiches are quite amazing and both kids and adults love the same. So, if you wish you can always take up some variations. If you want you can add cheese to the same.
  • You can garnish this sandwich with mayonnaise.
  • If you don’t want just the potatoes then green peas will also taste well with this.
Nutritional Value Of Potato Sandwich
  1. Calories 233
  2. Fat 13g
  3. Carbs 18g
  4. Protein 11g
  5. Sugars 3 g
  6. Sodium 551 mg

If you know that you want to make a perfect dish like potato sandwich then you just need to be clear about how you want to go ahead with the same. Potatoes and the spices are to be blended together and this will really make a perfect combination to be tried with the bread. This is a dish that kids would love and even elders would love. The spices would include turmeric, cumin, chillies, garam masala and so on.

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